Archive: 2014 May

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Control Yourself

First off, sorry that it has been a while since I blogged. But here’s what I’ve been up to: Designing and prototyping Trying get trademark stuff in motion Banging my head against the wall with all this controller support mischief. As […]


Control freak

I did some experimenting with the InControl Unity plugin, which appears to work as advertised. What doesn’t work very reliably is Unity itself. I ran into issues of controllers being registered and not receiving input, and an issue where one controller […]


Beginning things

Hey, another blog! Starting my own gig is a full palette of challenges, and blogging about it is one small one. What’s been going on with Tipping Goat? I’ve been trying to get a hold of a law-talking-guy, but he never […]


The rest day of the first of my life

I’d like to pre-announce the creation of my indie game studio, Tipping Goat™. My goal is to create fun video games with classic gameplay and modern ideas. The first title I’m working on is a project conceived in 2009 as […]