Busy Goat! Kickstarter+GDC+SXSW!

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Busy Goat! Kickstarter+GDC+SXSW!

I will be bringing all the Super Slam Dunk Touchdown action to GDC 2015 next week in San Francisco. I am told I’ll be at GDC Play booth PL200 so please come check it out!

But if that isn’t enough, after about 1 day of rest, I’ll be flying back to Texas for the SXSW 2015 Gaming Expo in Austin and showing Super Slam Dunk Touchdown there at stand 133. Look for Tipping Goat!

Those are both very exciting events for me, and for any of you lucky enough to be attending either of them. But the bigger news is, I am submitting my Kickstarter for review very soon!

Why do a Kickstarter? Well the answer is two-fold: I want an art budget to make the game more beautiful and add more fun content, and people are dying for t-shirts! But there will be other backer rewards as well, and it’s your way to get early access! Keep an eye on your internets for an announcement on the matter soon! Do know this: The funding goal is modest, and I feel, achievable. And the game will come out regardless of whether or not the Kickstarter is funded, so delivering is not an issue. But what I’m more excited about is hearing what you, the fans, want in the game, and using the art budget to deliver a better game based on fan feedback!

In other random news, I helped some cub scouts get their video game badge by having them participate in a playtest demonstration of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown! I answered questions about game development, and showed some of the kids a bit behind the scenes on what makes the game tick (at least, the kids who could stop playing for 5 minutes!).

Exciting times for sports!


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