Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Kickstarter is Live!


Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Kickstarter is Live!

After pushing the button early in hopes the Kickstarter would be live for GDC, it went up immediately! It’s up RIGHT NOW! Help out with the art budget, get sweet backer rewards, and you can make Super Slam Dunk Touchdown the even more sportsiest sports game ever!


you wins

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  • Feb 27, 2015 @ 4:05 am

    I see you’ve made Linux and Mac support a stretch goal. I see projects doing this all the time, I’ve never figured out what they’re aiming to achieve by doing that.

    As a Linux user I will not be backing your project until it reaches the stretch goal, any other Linux & Mac users with any experience of Kickstarter projects will be doing the same. So this stretch goal will not encourage any Linux or Mac users to back the project.


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