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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Alpha Instruction Manual

Check out the Super Slam Dunk Touchdown instruction manual! It’s incomplete and subject to change and improvement as the game comes along. I’m also soliciting feedback from players for problems with the manual, or ideas for improving it.


Get Early Access on Groupees!

Early access for Super Slam Dunk Touchdown has arrived, and it’s a great deal from Groupees. Pick Super Slam Dunk Touchdown, and 1-7 other games currently in Steam Greenlight, and set your price! The money is split between all the […]


Unity 5 Issues

UPDATE: A workaround for this issue has been found. Untgrad Fail I was excited to upgrade Super Slam Dunk Touchdown to Unity 5 for the profiling tool and the new audio mixer. The profiler seemed to work, though nothing jumped […]