Archive: 2018 March

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Deven Bloggerson: Completing a Season

Notice! Big milestone hit: I am the first person in sports history to complete a full season of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown. The semifinals and finals seem to be working as designed, though more testing is needed. The game now […]


Lost another week

This is not what anyone wants to hear, or what I want to say, but a weekly dev blog is all about holding myself accountable. I did a lot of moving things and tax things and contract work and not […]


Moving is consuming my life

But enough excuses! I did some work over the weekend and on Monday to bring SportsPoints FanPoints to the forefront of the SSDT Season experience, in the form of an informative windowy thing (official name??). This new feature shows you […]


Nothing to see here

This was a very busy week with moving-related things, and trying to finish up some contract work I have going on. As a result, I didn’t get to work on SSDT much beyond playing through several seasons and making notes. […]