Archive: 2018 July

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Prepping Anyway

No notivation like motivation, and mo’ motivation is better still. While SSDT has not been selected for Pre-PAX this year, I am keeping the momentum I had from prepping the demo, and prepping the demo anyway! It’s important to get […]


No dev update this week

I know, what a bummer! I took a trip to visit some old friends this week, and as it turns out, they were kind enough to play through an entire season of Season Mode with me. The main feedback was […]


Prepping for Pre-PAX

I don’t yet know if I’ve been selected for Microsoft’s Pre-PAX event this year yet, but I am working on a demo-able build just in case. I wrote up a big list of things I wanted fixed for a demo, […]



One thing I’ve learned through development on this project is that when something goes weird, it is Always My Fault. While the libraries or even Unity itself occasionally have/has, some quirk or known issue, or even an honest bug, more […]