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SSDT Season Mode Dev Blog Week 36: DevVlog

Check out the new video blog for progress on the new minigame/tutorial combo.


Post MAG West

BUGS As I mentioned before, MAGWest was a great opportunity to get feedback for the first time on the Xbox One port of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s new Season Mode. I learned a lot, and also found some bugs. Let’s […]


MAGWest Wrapped

Another Fine MAGWest! It was a fun and busy weekend showing off Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s still-in-development Season Mode at MAGWest! This was the first time the public has seen a peek at Season Mode and what is in store […]


Gotta Go West!

Excited to bring SSDT to MAGWest this weekend for the first ever public demonstration of Season Mode, coming soon to Windows PC and Xbox One . Hope to see you there! Tickets and info at


All the fixins

As I prepare for demonstrations that have not been scheduled, there have been a lot of outstanding bugs and things to improve. So here’s this week’s efforts: File system queue..ue? I’ve been plagued by issues related to the asynchronous nature […]