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Nothing to Showvember

It’s been a month of bug fixing, ending polishing and secrets testing so I can’t show much, but it’s a monthly blog so here it is. The bugs I have essentially one whiteboard worth of “critical” things to fix for […]


The road to beta

The buglist is shrinking and the “nice to have” list is getting gutted as I get the game towards what I’m calling the Pre-Platform Beta. This version of the game will be content complete, mostly free from bugs and ready […]


So much closer still

Argh. The end is almost in sight but it’s already September. I am really trying to get this into certification before the end of the year but it’s looking tight now. Well, lots of things to talk about so here’s […]



XPROG: Xbox Progress SSDT continues the slow motion tackle of Xbox One. At least, in terms of tackles, it is taking some time! It’s easy to forget how much was done to get to the finish line. Here’s the August […]


The Xbox One Goal

The game is buggy, and there’s more I’d like to do, but I’ve put off getting back to the thing I told myself time and time again to never get too far away from. Oops There’s probably a bunch I […]


June 2020 Update

There’s not a whole lot to talk about but I have been working out bugs, cleaning things up and preparing to port back to Xbox One. Here’s some random examples of stuff: Bugs Sometimes the best of intentions yields weird […]


Mayday 2020

Isolation is taking a toll on my well being but things are a lot worse for a lot of people in the USA. So I’m thankful I can continue work on this project in good physical health and very grateful […]


Mid Isolation

What is a block? I’m not sure. But all this text is in one. I should upgrade WordPress more. 2020 Gets Worse I’m working from home as much as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak. I am sufficiently hunkered down and […]


2020 Vision

Season Mode Dev Update Here’s a progress update on Super Slam Dunk Touchdown development for Season Mode and Xbox One. Maybe you knew that from reading this post. Training Games Much work done on the second revision of these, and […]


2019 December Update

2019 and the end is in sight The end of the year that is! Just kidding, the end of Season Mode development is closer than it has ever been too, which really isn’t saying anything but sounds good. So here’s […]