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Dev Bloggy Blogg: Blee oh double G

Things! This week, I had to test the Season Mode data dialog on Xbox One and, no surprise, there were some bugs. It’s kind of a confusing system of asynchronously checking the cloud for a save slot’s data, running a […]


SSDT Dev Blog

To keep myself on track I’ll be doing a weekly dev blog on Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s progress for Xbox One. I’ve heard some complaints about the game not being done yet, so first here’s a brief-ish rundown on why. […]


Development Vlog: Button Glyphs

A Super Slam Dunk Touchdown game development update. We’re talking about button glyphs, and how such a simple thing isn’t so simple when you support lots of different controllers. The video shows a few simple demonstrations of this. This feature […]


Unity 5 Issues

UPDATE: A workaround for this issue has been found. Untgrad Fail I was excited to upgrade Super Slam Dunk Touchdown to Unity 5 for the profiling tool and the new audio mixer. The profiler seemed to work, though nothing jumped […]


Unity Slide Show? Because!

Howdy! This is just a quick pre-GDC post because I wrote some slide show code in Unity and thought it might be useful to someone! Backstory: There’s going to be a spare monitor at my GDC Play booth, so I […]


Flippity-Do-Da: Mirroring a Complex Object in Unity

First, there was this goal: It was nothing special. Back then, the game looked like this: Then I added the hoop and field goal posts: And the game then looked like this: When the time came to add goal art, […]


Animated Balls

One shortcoming in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown has been the use of my non-animated programmer art balls. The reason for this is the massive amount of work required to make the balls animate correctly with respect to the 3D geometry. This […]



Much like shooting monsters in Space Invaders, the key to passing is to aim at where your target is going, not where it is. With that, and some handy prediction code courtesy of a stackoverflow user named “Broofa”, I was able […]


New Character!

I just got the 1st rough draft of the American football character from Chris! I spent today revamping the animation system so each character will default to a standard set of animations, but I can go in and make customizations […]


Sprite-Based Text!

I just finished writing code for sprite-based text in unity. Since the game is low-fi, I wanted the font to be somewhat legit. Here’s the font I created for the old XNA version of the game: And here’s it rendering […]