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2019 August Update

Hey sports fans, here’s all the latest from the Tipping Goat studio. Season Mode More progress has been made on Season Mode, here’s a quick run down. Training / Minigames While I haven’t nailed down the award levels, there’s now […]


Back at it

While my arcade was lovingly packed and shipped out from my buddies at Three Flip Studios, I was back in California and back at work on SSDT’s Season Mode. Bugs and There was some bugfixing to do as evidenced by […]


Prepping Anyway

No notivation like motivation, and mo’ motivation is better still. While SSDT has not been selected for Pre-PAX this year, I am keeping the momentum I had from prepping the demo, and prepping the demo anyway! It’s important to get […]



When coding a project, you can over-optimize too early, and do yourself no favors. There’s no sense in optimizing something that isn’t hogging the game down too much. Good coding habits can prevent a lot of issues. Well, it certainly […]


Dev Bloggy Blogg: Blee oh double G

Things! This week, I had to test the Season Mode data dialog on Xbox One and, no surprise, there were some bugs. It’s kind of a confusing system of asynchronously checking the cloud for a save slot’s data, running a […]


SSDT Dev Blog

To keep myself on track I’ll be doing a weekly dev blog on Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s progress for Xbox One. I’ve heard some complaints about the game not being done yet, so first here’s a brief-ish rundown on why. […]


Development Vlog: Button Glyphs

A Super Slam Dunk Touchdown game development update. We’re talking about button glyphs, and how such a simple thing isn’t so simple when you support lots of different controllers. The video shows a few simple demonstrations of this. This feature […]


Unity 5 Issues

UPDATE: A workaround for this issue has been found. Untgrad Fail I was excited to upgrade Super Slam Dunk Touchdown to Unity 5 for the profiling tool and the new audio mixer. The profiler seemed to work, though nothing jumped […]


Unity Slide Show? Because!

Howdy! This is just a quick pre-GDC post because I wrote some slide show code in Unity and thought it might be useful to someone! Backstory: There’s going to be a spare monitor at my GDC Play booth, so I […]


Flippity-Do-Da: Mirroring a Complex Object in Unity

First, there was this goal: It was nothing special. Back then, the game looked like this: Then I added the hoop and field goal posts: And the game then looked like this: When the time came to add goal art, […]