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Pre-Season Update is Live on Steam

Weekend sale starts tomorrow. Clicky linky for more texty.


State of the Goat September 2017

Oh yeah! This is still a thing, y’all! Woooo! I know it has been some time since the last big update, and I’ve been asked some variation on “When the hell is this game coming out on Xbox One?” a […]


Tipping Goat Goes to Microsoft (And PAX West!)

Tipping Goat has returned from Washington state after demoing Super Slam Dunk Touchdown at the ID@Xbox pre-PAX event in Redmond.  More than 50 indie devs were on site to demo their games on Xbox One and Windows. I’m happy to say […]


Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: Pre-Season Beta has arrived

Why wait for the upcoming Season Mode expansion for an update? Opt-in to the SSDT Pre-Season Beta and get new art, new fixes, and new features right now!


Tipping Goat goes to E3 part 2

After much delay: Part 2 of the E3 2016 trip My computer is rebooted, and my hard drive is magically back. Scary! Well, I better finish the E3 blog while I can. Wednesday Two big hits of the show were right […]


State of the Goat July 2016

Hey goats and goaties, I am compelled to share the state of things here at the Tipping Goat coral. As you may or may not know, Tipping Goat is a one man army. Army is a strong word. Perhaps a […]


Announcing the Pre-Season beta on Steam

Coming soon, an opt-in beta for you to check out with new art, features, fixes and more. Check out the link for a sneak-peek at just some of what to expect from the free Season Mode expansion due later this year.


The Quest For Clippy

One of the main barriers to entry in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is people not knowing how to play. Everything is described in the manual, but nobody has read an instruction manual since 1983. One of my goals with SSDT’s […]


Slow but steady something something

It’s been a while since this blog felt very bloggy. So much has happened since May 2014 when the studio was founded, and the Tipping Goat website has been stuck in “PLEASE BUY THE GAME” mode for too long. I felt […]


Player Metrics 2: Metric Boogaloo

Last year around this time, I posted graphs drawn from player data recorded at PAX South 2015. That data was super useful for seeing how new players did with various sports their first time or two playing. Well, I’m back […]