Super Slam Dunk Touchdown

What is SSDT?

SSDT is Action! SSDT is Teamwork! SSDT is SPORTS. Assemble a crack squad of different pro-sports players to pass, punt and punch your way to victory! Super Slam Dunk Touchdown offers up to TEN THOUSAND BILLION PERCENT more sports than the leading sports video game!


Super Slam Dunk Touchdown has been updated with a massive Season Mode campaign! Unlocks, secrets, new modes, training games and more are available on Xbox and PC!

Windows PC

Available now for Windows on Steam and Humble Stores with Extra Seasoning! Or buy for less and tip what you want to Tipping Goat with the buy page!


Other versions of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown are in the wild. That’s a lot of sports!

Arcade Edition

Currently available exclusively at The Detour in San Francisco, CA! Face off in this unique 2-v-2 arcade cabinet, take on a ladder of opponents and etch your name on the high score list of destiny.

Nvidia Shield

Classic Quick Match Edition available! Go old school with Super Slam Dunk Touchdown:QME for the Nvidia Shield family of devices.

*Game controller required for Tablet.


Need some help? Check out the instruction manual, recently updated for Xbox and Season Mode, or the quick start guide!

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown