Beginning things

Hey, another blog!

Starting my own gig is a full palette of challenges, and blogging about it is one small one. What’s been going on with Tipping Goat?

I’ve been trying to get a hold of a law-talking-guy, but he never called me back. I wish I had better advice on this than yelp. I’m just not the normal sort of a dude that knows how to find a trademark attorney. And getting one is the thing to do if you’re gonna name something something. The world is a goofy place.

In other news, I’m battling with Unity’s joystick support. This is common knowledge to anyone that’s tried to do a Unity game with control pad support, but for anyone else let me explain: it is some how not very good.  I am hoping this is the solution. It is critical my game work well with multiple controllers. I know that’s usually more of a console thing, but maybe my Atari 800 raised me differently.


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