More Recent Sneak Peek

Work continues on Sportsball here at the studio (aka a spare room in my house). I’ve been working with Chris on putting in some rough animations, and already they are making a huge difference. So far we have Mr. Hockeyman animated with some test coloring:

a hockeyman attempts to score a goal unit with a football (or handegg if you are not in the USA)
He shoots!

Astute readers will notice something different about the top-view 3D goal as well. Let’s take a better look:

new goal
Who’s ready for some SPORTSBALL!?

Now we got something! This is the goal prototype. It’s got everything you could ever need from a goal: a net, field goal posts and a hoop complete with backboard! Go sports!

Other things:

  • You should not multiply your inputs by Time.deltaTime
  • Collision events can get silly if you let everybody try to grab a ball at once
  • It’s hard to make a multiplayer game without AI or other people to play with 🙁

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