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Announcing Sportsball

Sportsball is a game concept I’ve been working on and off for 5 years. I was making XNA games back in 2009 through about 2011 for fun. Then I got a job at a game company and all that got put on hold. Here’s a snippet of what the fateful game looked like the last time I worked on it:

Sportsball circa 2009
Sportsball circa 2009

If you can look past the programmer art, you’ll see it’s a classic NES era-inspired sports game that is actually a mishmash of many sports in one. It’s intentionally a bit silly; my intention is to bring back the classic gameplay experience of sports games from the 8-bit era. The focus here is fun, team based multiplayer. This is not a sports simulation. It is a video game, and it loves it.

Now with a few more years of experience behind me, I’m starting the project up again. This time I’m using unity to drive a physics simulation behind the game. As for the programmer art, it will soon be forgotten. I’m extremely fortunate to have Chris of Mad Science Games working with me to do the art now. It will be pixel art, but it will be much better pixel art. I also am contacting a sports consultant to help me understand concepts like scoring, passing, and balls.

Stay tuned for more on the development of Sportsball!

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