Racism is Bad

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I planned on preventing racism within Sportsball by randomly assigning skin tones to players. As a team manager, you should select players based on ability, not skin tone.

Up until now I had been using a default skin tone as the game has a long way to go. But as I was thinking about feedback from the first playtest party, it occurred to me that implementing the skin tone system would be an excellent way to help people differentiate their players when there are more than one of the same player type on a team.

various sportsmen from planet earth
All humans may play Sportsball

What I’ve done is created a large range of skin tones (thanks Wikipedia!) and added them to a list. As I select one at random, I pull it out of the list, ensuring a unique assortment for each team. This way, if you have two soccer players on your team as above, they will appear distinct.

Also note that some of the players are randomly hetero, bi, or homo-sexual. What, you can’t tell which? Exactly.


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