She’s alive!

I’m very excited to announce the 4th playable character in Super Slam Dunk Touchdown: Roller Derby Girl! She’s quick, she’s tough and her hip check puts the SLAM in Slam Dunk Touchdown!

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown gameplay screen shot featuring Roller Derby Girl
Roller Derby Girl Go!

The characters are all starting to feel right to me. Roller Derby Girl shares the attributes with the Soccer, Hockey and Football guys, but stands on her own and is a lot of fun to play. She needs testing to make sure she isn’t too overpowered — if so, the others will need to step up their game!

Here’s the character roster as it stands:


  • Fast and light
  • Can steal the ball
  • Can shoot field goals


  • Good speed on skates
  • A punchy brawler
  • Weaponized charge shot


  • Big but slow
  • Can take down players in one tackle
  • Can shoot field goals

Roller Derby

  • Decent speed and very agile
  • Fast and mean hip check
  • Weaponized charge shot

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