Dev Blog 6: Rockage and a cold

Looks like I’ve come down with something, just in time for the South Bay Button Mashers‘ indie games local showcase at AFK tomorrow. I feel pretty beat down but I am gonna make it, and will be using lots of hand sanitizer!

Game Modes vs Game Types

One thing I realized last week is that I shouldn’t be differentiating between Quickmatch, Season Mode, Practice, Free-For-All, etc. It was becoming obvious quickly that Season Mode should allow for different types of matches, but a match couldn’t be both Season Mode and Quickmatch at the same time. So now there are several Game Modes such as Season Mode, Quickmatch Mode, and Attract Mode as well as several Game Types: Normal, Free-For-All, Credits, etc. This was important for Season Mode but is also helping me to organize the menu better in my head, and I will likely revisit the UI for this.


Season Mode won’t start with a stadium full of fans. You’ve got to earn those fans! Building off the new Assist tracking code, I put in something called SportsPoints. SportsPoints accumulate as you do things like score, win the game, get an assist, etc. After some TBD amount of SportsPoints you will get a new fan. If you score in the wrong goal or lose a game, you will lose SportsPoints. Lose too many and you may lose fans! At least that’s the idea. This needs some visual feedback and to be tied in with the fan system which should be fairly straightforward.

Turn up the seat

Speaking of the fans, this week I finally tackled (ha) a bug with the fans not sitting properly that’s been irritating me for a while:

Please stay in your assigned seat folks

When the width of the arena changed, the fans were not drawing in the right place. I’m not sure why, but I was measuring from the left and not the center point (which is zero). I fixed it so fan seats are created from the middle out, and the fans are now seating properly:

Yay. Things.

Now there’s an issue with the seats themselves being cut off by the doorway, but that will take some more doing, as the width of that changes depending on the arena type. Not a huge bug, but it will be one of those niggling problems until I take care of it.


In preparation for the local indie games showcase this weekend at Rockage 2018 (thanks again to the South Bay Button Mashers!) I wanted to get my Xbox One build ported back over to PC. This is pretty straightforward, with just a few areas where I have specialized code for Xbox One. Everything went smoothly, but in the process I noticed some bugs with Challenge Mode not advancing properly due to the changes that were made to saving and loading. I am trying to get this fixed for the show tomorrow, but as I said I’m not feeling great so I’ll call it a blog for now. Worst case I’ll have to show the current Steam version. Time to lie down :C

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