Moving is consuming my life

But enough excuses! I did some work over the weekend and on Monday to bring SportsPoints FanPoints to the forefront of the SSDT Season experience, in the form of an informative windowy thing (official name??).

there's like some letters and numbers, stuff be happening
The aforementioned windowy thing

This new feature shows you information about your standing in the universe of Season Mode after each match. It also shows your total FanPoints (formerly known as SportsPoints) and tallies them up to add (or lose!) fans. Suddenly the FanPoints have some context.

What I really wanted to get done this week was the semifinals and finals, and so picked up where that left off. Unfortunately I am still not finished, but I have a process down that is almost finished being coded:


don't make fun of me if i used the wrong shapes or whatever. i don't really care about that sort of thing.
Click for astounding detail

The  short version is, after every Human vs. CPU match, we evaluate the next match in the Season Schedule to see if it is a CPU vs. CPU match. If so, it gets simulated based on the players on each CPU team and their win records. The results are recorded in the rankings and then we look at the next match. This continues until we reach another Human vs. CPU match. We also have to check if the Human vs. CPU match is marked as “semifinal 1”. This is a Human vs. CPU match as far as the Season Scheduler is concerned, only we don’t know who you are playing against when the schedule is created. Instead, we have to alter this match depending on A) if the human team made the semifinals, and B) if so, who are they playing?

The SSDT Season rules dictate that the team in 1st place plays against the team in 4th place in the semifinals. Likewise the 2nd and 3rd place teams will face off. The winners of both the semifinal matches will compete in the final match. If the human team does not make the semifinals, the game still simulates the semifinal and final matches. So, the Human vs. CPU semifinal 1 match that is on the schedule is replaced by a CPU vs. CPU semifinal match. This CPU match is  then simulated. Semifinal 2 is then simulated next between the other two teams in the top 4. If the human team makes the semifinals, they play the opposite ranking team. If the human team wins the semifinals, they then go onto the finals. If not, the finals are handled in the same way and simulated by the two winning teams.

Oh, dang I said that was the short version. Also this week I had to spend time at the new place to do various moving related things, and while I was there got caught up on some contract work. Moving day is getting closer, and while there will still be more to do post-move, hopefully my pace will pick up after the unpacking and whatnot phase. In the meantime, I’m sleeping on a mattress on a floor.

If you missed it, the video of the info window was posted earlier in the week:



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