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In an effort to work more on the game than I spend writing about it, I’ll be brief.

2nd Season

Looping it up

Yep, after the ending, a new season begins! Finally. The cool part is your fans keep accumulating from last season, so it’s a nice incentive to give it another go. I’m actually on Season 3 from testing. It’s turning into a thing! There were a few bugs preventing this from working before, not the least of which was me not resetting the event index, so it just jumped you to the end of the next season without playing any games. Oops!

Something that actually works out of the box is that on Season 2 you take over the slot of the hockey team, instead of the soccer team. Each season you take over a different slot, so the teams you play change every season.

More Endings!

I had not coded a few important endings such as: Not making the finals, losing the semifinals, and losing the finals. These are pretty basic, but needed to be in place. So they’ve been added and while I need to test them all, at least one is working. Hey, Season Mode is almost play-testable! And that’s something.


A few other things got tweaked, for one thing the fans doing the wave is kind of hard to register unless you’re looking for it. Doubly so since the spotlight-zoom effect after scoring takes focus away from the crowd. They now wave longer, and hold their pre-wave position so it’s more clear the crowd is doing something. While I was fixing that, I fixed a glitch where you only got awarded the fan points for the first wave. More waving, more fans!

Speaking of fan points, there’s now an “at the buzzer” award for any points made after the clock hits 00:00:00 cuz why not? Pretty much any time I notice something cool that happens during play, part of my brain wonders if fan points can be tied in.

I was supposed to be brief

Oops. Time to go to sleep. ZZzzzz..

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