So behind!

It’s almost been a month since my last “weekly” dev blog. Bad developer! Well, moving is tough. Most of my apartment is now unpacked, but the office has not gotten a lot of love. I have done some things SSDT related, so let’s get caught up.


I did some more cleanup on the single player ending, and started work on the multiplayer ending, which is still untested. The game still doesn’t loop after the season is over, so I have to see what’s going on there. I did some work on that, including resetting certain saved values like win/loss records, event number and so on. It should loop, but doesn’t. Oops.


My business has moved and I got my business license. I updated the state about my LLC moving as well. Not exciting but necessary and takes up my time.


I have gathered all the requirements needed to get my new box art and other related assets finalized for the various platforms and social media sites, including Steam, Humble, Twitter, etc. and of course, the big one: Xbox One. There are so many different sizes for icons, banners, “capsules”, square boxes, 16:9 boxes, tall boxes, etc. I am hiring a designer to make them all look nice. For reference here’s the old art, and the new art:



I am super thrilled with the new art and can’t wait to put it everywhere! First though, it needs some love from a real designer — to arrange everything for all the different required sizes and aspect ratios, and to balance the contrast and colors better with the title text. The artist for the new box art assets is a very talented man named Stephen Garcia, who is still in school for art and illustration! He did a fantastic job realizing my vision. Check out his portfolio here:


I was frantically getting a build together for Silicon Valley Comic Con, but at the last minute all the indie devs were told we were cut due to a budget problem. I was really disappointed, and blame this man for being a big celebrity and taking all the money:

I guess he played some kind of flute guy on TV?

Well, thinking about it now, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t his fault. In spite of the disappointment, it was a bit of a relief to have my time freed up, and I did a lot more unpacking and move-in things. It was such an awesome opportunity though that I would have worked a lot harder to get a build ready.


More unpacking, more fixing up the place and with any luck I can get some more work done. Back to it!




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