Week 18.5: Rank!

Life things continue to be insane and time consuming, and progress somehow continues to be made. So here’s a delayed dev blog to prove I’m not a total slacker.

I’d been adjusting the difficulty of the CPU based on their rank, but I’ve decided that wasn’t enough. You could be losing all your games, and still play the #1 team on the hardest difficulty. So now the CPU team difficulty also takes the human team’s rank into consideration; if you are in last place, the 1st place team will be much easier than if you are in 2nd place.


I cleaned up the SPORTS PAGES newspaper, so it now shows all 6 teams in the rankings for the season, as well as made some filler content that can be adjusted depending on where you are, what’s going on in the season, or maybe it just displays random nonsense. I haven’t decided.

Speaking of rankings, I thought providing more info would be good on the VS screen:

Something is rank!

In doing so, I noticed a bug where the shadow wasn’t being drawn on the text any more. I corrected the bug, only to discover a new bug:

…in the state of text

This is what happens later, the shadows don’t get recycled properly so there’s font poop left on the screen. Bleh.

Finally, another addition I’ve made is for testing purposes: the insta-win and insta-lose cheats via the unity editor:

I can lose at the touch of a button

Just by checking “Win Game Now” or “Lose Game Now” I can speed through the season, testing all the various bits as I go.

Next I’m thinking I will continue with the cut scenes and work on awarding trophies… and it’s probably not what you are thinking!

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