Xback to Xbox One

This week was spent getting my office in better shape, which included finally re-setting up the Xbox One dev kit, and getting a build running on the Xbox One hardware. I also stumbled upon my old stash of Dogecoins, and had a brief notion that perhaps now Tipping Goat would be a cryptocurrency billionaire studio!

My coins are worth about four dollars.

While those hopes were being sufficiently dashed, I got the Xbox One dev kit up and running. The new build had some minor issues, but nothing show stopping and I eventually got a build running and played through an entire season.


Speaking of Xbox One, this was a good chance to put together a new trailer using Xbox One footage! Check it out below.

E3 is happening this coming week and I’ll be checking out the show again this year. Hopefully the “industry pass” only hours will make the show less of a cluster than it was last year.

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