MAGWest Wrapped

Another Fine MAGWest!

It was a fun and busy weekend showing off Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s still-in-development Season Mode at MAGWest! This was the first time the public has seen a peek at Season Mode and what is in store for the Xbox One port. I got a lot of good feedback, but first, the fun stuff!

MAGWest had a lot to do and see, and this year I was determined to participate in more than just manning my booth!

Obviously most of the cool people were hanging with the indie devs, including a guy I met named Matt who was 3D printing a giant R.O.B. the robot! He also made tiny 3D printed Nintendo Gamecubes which were super cute. I had to snag one myself.

me and a 3D printed, R.O.B.
Big R.O.B.

Since I have some spare R.O.B. parts, I offered them to Matt to help him realize his 3D printing ambition of a fully functional big R.O.B.


Right by my booth was another indie dev named Phil who is working on a fun co-op rogue like game called The Deepest House. I got to play his latest build hands on and it was a lot of fun. It is currently in Early Access on Steam, check it out!


My buddies from Three Flip Studios were able to join the show, driving up from LA with a massive TV to show off another super fun local multiplayer game, Armed & Gelatinous. 4 blobs of goo compete to blow each other up with insane amounts of weaponry firing in all directions. They’re adding online and planning to launch on multiple platforms. They’ve been working super hard for years on this game, and you should check it out and spread the word.

Music and Games!

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I was able to check out a few bands including Super Soul Bros. who I’ve heard of but never got the pleasure to hear. They put a funky jazz twist on classic game music. I was also introduced to The Runaway Four, a seriously tight band from Vancouver, BC. They also put on a great show, jamming out and mashing together all manner of classic video game tunes.

In the arcade room, my eye was caught by an amazing arcade from Japan where you have to build up your rage and literally flip a table, which flies through the game scene, wrecking everything and letting you see it a dozen different ways from Sunday in slow motion. I can’t really do it justice, just check it out.

There were also classic retro games to play, board games to check out, and loads of panels which I was not able to go to mostly! All in all a very awesome show, that more people should know about. Put MAGWest on your radar if you are anywhere near Silicon Valley, CA.

That’s it for now, I’ll have to compile all my feedback on Season Mode and can post about it in the coming weeks.

Thanks, MAGWest! See you next year!

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