semi-secret ending work and more, and less

This week was mainly spoilersy ending work, so I can’t show off much. I did do some more work on the shop over the weekend, so now there’s a generic confirm box.


I can adjust the buttons and text easily depending on what I need it for, so that’s a lot less UI work for me. Hooray!

The end of UI work… Forever??? No.

The rest of the week was spent on the co-op ending, with some spillover into cutscenes, as well as some improvement of the save slot buttons. Now they tell you if you are in the semi/finals in addition to if the save slot is at a cutscene or ending.

*Also is The Punchtown Problems the best team name or what

The game now sports a solo and a co-op ending, both feel pretty nice to me. There may be some polishing, but it feels good to have made some milestone progress on a new thing each week on my handy and very scientific graph:

Gralphy McProgressalot


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