Back at it

While my arcade was lovingly packed and shipped out from my buddies at Three Flip Studios, I was back in California and back at work on SSDT’s Season Mode.

Bugs and

There was some bugfixing to do as evidenced by my AI suddenly deciding to turn off. Or rather, I turned it off for a reason, but neglected to tell it to turn back on.

What are do

Other bug fixes involved the [secret] feature and cutscenes, endings and how things tie together. I’m starting to get a clearer picture of how different endings will work when [secret] and, well, there’s just not much I can talk about there yet!

Hockey what?

I was doodling with my sprites and realized that somehow in the shuffle this got lost:

“lost” in the sense it was there all along?

Crazy I know, but there’s actually a fighting animation for the hockey player and it was never put in.  I can get into this later but the baseball player has a similar situation. I’m hoping to get that in soon to test it out.

Graph for people who like stuff

EDIT: oops i put an old one up before this is the right one




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