Targets revisited

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My Soccer training modes were not quite up to snuff, so I spent some time this week figuring out what the issue was and making the floor targets scene a little more nice.

x does not mark the spot

One major issue was the accuracy of the target changed depending on where the target moved. This took me digging into every aspect of how sprites and their corresponding 3D objects are linked together — pretty ancient code. Long story short, I was comparing the ball’s sprite position the target’s 3D position, and there is some scaling applied to get the pixels where I want them. Many hours later:

it works!

It’s still place holder art, but it was very helpful to have some extra visual feedback when making sure the art lined up with where you were hitting the target. Now there’s a timed minigame where you can get points for hitting the target! Progress!

I also just just started on the Hockey player’s first training mode, but that will have to wait until next week as there’s nothing to see yet. My plan is to hammer out a few more basic training modes to give a little more meat to my December demo.


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