Mid Isolation

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2020 Gets Worse

I’m working from home as much as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak. I am sufficiently hunkered down and while it is hard to get groceries, things could be worse.

But I’m still at it

I’m making good progress on Season Mode and related additions for eventual release of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown on Xbox One. Here’s where things are at since the last update.

Training Games

These are all in a lot better shape, there are unlocks tucked away in them, and the gold-medal levels are a pretty good challenge.

Team HQ / Shop

A lot got done! Trophy display and stats mainly got done. There’s stats for the team. There’s stats for each player type. There’s stats for events, stats for the shop. So many stats!

I’m glad captions are still a thing, new WordPress

Also, the shop items have received a price balancing revision. I’ll continue to tweak pricing and prizes as I test through multiple seasons.

Ending / Story

I’m in the process of adding the last endings. There’s some unlocks tied to stuff and secret secrets but you’ll just have to trust a dude here.

Misc / Xbox

On the misc end, there’s been some AI testing and should lead to improvements and a bit of “personality” for each season mode opponent team, at least that’s the idea! With AI work progress sometimes comes in surprising ways so it can be a little unpredictable what strategy might work best and what level of customization is needed. I’ve built the framework for the different team AIs, and have begun testing some changes for each team.

Nothing new with Xbox development per-se, but the pages and pages of stats have opened the floodgates of ideas for Season Mode achievements, so when I dive in I’ll have lots to work with. Soon the game will be nearly feature complete and I can get back set up with the Xbox dev kits and add the achievements while testing.

The graph is real

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