Yeah it’s May again

Not much to report. Just a lot of testing. There’s nothing left to do but squash bugs and do cert testing.

The good

I put a chievo double-checker in, so if the Achievement fires but you have some horrible network problem, most of the cheivos get rechecked next time you connect to the network and perform some basic action (like buying an item from the store, or playing a match). You wouldn’t want to have to do this again:

The bad

I was doing some cert testing and everything was going swimmingly, then I suddenly got the horrible error and an Achievement was awarded to the wrong user. Worse, the “retry” option didn’t work on the horrible error screen. This is all very bad, and hard to debug, reproduce, understand and fix. Bugs like this will be why the game isn’t out yet.

The nudity?

I’m always some kind of edge case, and getting the game rating was no different. The crux of the quandary was whether this fool counts as “nudity”.

There's a naked man on the court, and another naked man. Sports!
This has all been quite revealing

Obviously he be nude, but you can’t see “buttocks” or “naughty bits” but he does undress, so he counts as “wearing revealing clothing”. Hey, I don’t get it either. So they’ll slap a T for Teen on there and be done with it.

The end

So close, yet so far. Hopefully it’ll be in certification soon.


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