Xbox Release Date: August 27

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is teed up for launch August 27, 2021 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

The Long Game

Initially conceived in 2009 as “Sportsball”, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown was revealed to the world as a pre-alpha demo at PAX South way back in 2015. After a lot of work, it launched on Steam’s Early Access and eventually was updated in 2017 with a Pre-Season version that promised more “Coming Soon!”

“Soon” is relative in galactic timescales, and a short few years later it is ready for launch on Xbox hardware with extra seasoning!

Watch out for the band!

Season Mode

In addition to many improvements, tweaks and additions, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown launches on Xbox with the all new Season Mode: A massive 1-3 player co-op campaign that pits your custom team against 6 unique CPU rivals. Tryout your players in 6 new micro training games. Accumulate fans and money in exhibition matches, season matches, the playoffs and finals. Play season after season, earn the respect of your coach and discover multiple endings, hidden unlocks, and 100 achievements.

All new Season Mode player select

Windows PC Update Coming

Owners of the Pre-Season version of SSDT can expect a new version in short order after the Xbox Launch. The Extra Seasoning version of SSDT for Steam will support cloud saves, remote play and all 100 achievements.

Basketball player gets sacked!

Thanks for your support!

Without all the support of friends, family and sports nuts throughout the years, this would not have been possible. Thank you for supporting the indie dream!


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