Super Slam Dunk Touchdown

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SSDT Available now for Windows on Steam and Humble Stores and NVIDIA Shield

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What is Super Slam Dunk Touchdown?
SSDT is Action! SSDT is Teamwork! SSDT is SPORTS. Assemble a crack squad of different pro-sports players to pass, punt and punch your way to victory! Super Slam Dunk Touchdown offers up to TEN THOUSAND BILLION PERCENT more sports than the leading sports video game!

Super Slam Dunk Touchdown serves up elements of Football, Hockey, Soccer, Roller Derby, Basketball, Bowling, Tennis and more! Battle for supremacy on turf, ice, and court surfaces against streaking fans, ice resurfacers, banana peels, and oh yes, the opposing team.

How can I play? 

Check out the Buy Page! Pledge as much as you want to support future development. Or, if you prefer, Super Slam Dunk Touchdown is also available for Windows from the Humble Store and Steam, and is also available for NVIDIA Shield.


Check out the instruction manual and the quick start guide! If you run into trouble, read the troubleshooting guide.

Supporting the development of the game

I’m an indie developer. For me that means I quit my job and am doing this on my own, and this is my only source of income. I need to manage, create, and pay for everything myself. That’s why you can pledge as much as you want for the art budget, to improve SSDT, and support indie game development!

Please follow @TippingGoat and @SSDTouchdown on Twitter, like our Facebook page, and follow my twitch steams to see exactly how the game is coming along. Chat with other fans and Tipping Goat on our subreddit, /r/SSDTouchdown.


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  • Play with your friends! Super Slam Dunk Touchdown supports up to six players locally for 3-on-3 sports mayhem.
  • 6 playable sports characters — Assemble your team, and switch things up each quarter!
    • Soccer: Fast and furious! Steals the ball and kicks at different heights.
    • Hockey: Rough and ruthless! Turbo cross checks and a weaponized slap shots deal damage.
    • American Football: Here comes the tackle! Has a quick turbo recharge and can kick field goals.
    • Roller Derby: Rolling and rowdy! She has a mean hip-check and a can pitch while skating.
    • Basketball: Boom goes the dynamite! The only player who aims for the hoop, and can also steal the ball and dash away.
    • Baseball: Pitch a home run! Hit a pop fly or bean an opponent with a fast pitch.
  • Exciting slam dunk action! Can you get the ball in the hoop?
  • Seven different sports balls! They all behave differently, using the latest advances in Sports Science.
  • The “rowdy cloud” — if too many players are getting rowdy, it becomes a tussle! Mash your fight button to win!
  • Random Events
    • A streaker who steals the ball! Get him!
    • Careless fans drop banana peels
    • Score 3 points in a row for a hat trick!
    • Watch out on the ice… here comes the ice resurfacing truck! Oh no!
    • Why is the marching band on the field? Let’s go band!
  • Shot Practice mode: Try out all the players and practice shooting on an open goal. Practice with friends for up to 6 players!
  • Challenge Mode: 1-3 players take on a series of increasingly challenging matches against the CPU.
  • Configurable game options
    • surface type
    • arena size
    • scoring
    • game time
    • ball types
    • random events
    • CPU and goalie settings
  • Customize your controller buttons, keyboard keys and mouse buttons on the control config menu

A wild ice resurfacing truck appears!


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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown