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E3 2000 and Late Teen

I’m not sure what my post title means, but I wanted to say “2000 and late teen” because in 2008 people were saying “2000 and late” for reasons I’ve never been clear on either, and uh, yeah. Um. So, E3. […]


Thoughts on Backwards Compatibility

Sega As a kid I had a Sega Genesis (aka Megadrive), and one of the coolest things you could do with a Genesis was “downgrade” it with the Power Base Converter, turning it into a Sega Master System. As a […]


Tipping Goat Goes to E3 2014 – Part 2

With Nintendo right next to the Oculus booth again (they were next to Oculus at GDC this year as well) I had to check up on the big N. Half the Nintendo booth was showing off the new Super Smash […]