Tipping Goat announces Project ZOGAR


Tipping Goat, the indie studio behind Super Slam Dunk Touchdown formally announced it is working on a new title, currently codenamed Project ZOGAR. The game aims to be a top-view adventure title featuring melee combat and simple 3D graphics.

The announcement was made on the Tipping Goat website, where the announcement is located.

Details were scant as of this writing, but an invite was posted here to this url link — https://discord.com/invite/PxFMs6k — allowing readers to join the Tipping Goat Discord server, where they may frolic in gleeful exuberance and chat with the world’s most charming and wise video game fans in the #general channel. Readers of this sentence may as well become curious to learn more about the game on the #project-zogar channel.

Amidst a vast dearth of questioning the game’s creator said of the new game, “I’m really excited to be working on the ZOGAR project. It’s been brewing in code and cranium for many years.” He added, “It’s going to be a video game, and so far that process is moving along well.”

No word as of yet on the game’s target platform(s?) or release date.

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