SSDT Dev Blog 2: The Bloggening


SSDT Dev Blog 2: The Bloggening

Another week, another wollar, as they say. Maybe?

Work on the Season Mode save slots continues, and I have accomplished 2 milestones. 1st:

sweet menu action

Captured on real Xbox One

The Xbox One version is the priority here, so that screenshot is from the Xbox One! It is checking for non-existent data, and showing that there is none. That’s a thing!

The 2nd milestone was getting some dummy data in there and making sure the UI changes:

No datas (Windows)

No datas (Windows)

And after clicking the “START NEW SEASON BUTTON”….

it worked, trust me

Now with 100% dummy datas on Windows!

This was a short week for me, but progress is made and I’m almost done with this dialog. Next up will be dummy data on Xbox One along with the delete data dialog. Those should be quick items and after that I can start working on the Team HQ screen: the central hub for all things Season Mode.

I did notice one weird bug in attract mode, both teams had the same colors. I managed to nab a screenshot:

same colors um wat

Uh, these guys are on different teams?

Not sure how that happened, but it’s something I should look into, probably!

That’s it for this week, have a good weekend and I’ll be back with more progress next Friday.

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