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Super Slam Dunk Touchdown Season Mode development continues this week. With two basic training modes designed, it was time to put some UI on the Team HQ scene to be able to pick a training mode. Taking players into tryouts when a new character is unlocked is still the way the game works, but now there are 2 planned minigames for each player type. So creating this UI now lets me easily test the minigames.



Setting this up was basic SSDT UI stuff, kind of hokey given my UI customizations, but not too bad. Except I did literally tell the code to print the text TRAININGBUTTON instead of something useful. It was so dumb, I kind of wanted to keep it, but ultimately decided to fix it and just go on living my life.

The next step was to create the new Targets 2 training mode for the soccer player. Through experimentation and testing, it became clear that I needed a better target graphic.

The bull’s eye knows no bounds

My hastily created placeholder started showing its weaknesses when I tried to reliably determine where the ball was landing. I am sure there is some math equation involing π but I’m too dumb to figure it out. Essentially I’m trying to map the coordinates of an oval onto the coordinates of circle so I can determine which ring the ball lands in, and simply multiplying the Z component by the ratio doesn’t do the trick reliably.

Not quite right

Not quite right

I’ve resorted to altering the graphic some, my hope is the pixel art will mask any edge cases, and so far it’s pretty ok. The art is a placeholder, but I need to get the rings right, and/or the code right before having an artist make it look nicer.

No banana for you

With Coach Clip walking you through these intuitive target-practice games, the soccer training games are in a decent state, and there’s a simple UI to select them. I will be adding more training games as I continue to develop Season Mode for the Xbox One port of Super Slam Dunk Touchdown. What’s left? Perhaps* this graph will help:

*perhaps not





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