Ye Olde Shoppe

You can just sticke an extra “e” at the ende of any worde, and it instantly becomes olde englishe! With that pro-tip in your tip satchel, we can jump into what got did this week on Super Slam Dunk Touchdown’s Season Mode and Xbox One port.

It is pretty ye olde if you think about it tho

The basic functionality of the UI for the shop was there, so it was time to get organized. Since I am combining the shop and arena editor features, spent some time designing it out. I went for an early 90’s website vibe, but this is all programmer art so it will change to some degree!

knocking it out

With 3 categories, and 2 rows on 2 of those categories, there was a decent chuck of my favorite thing in the worldn’t, UI work! Anyway, here’s what it looks like now.


So none of the buttons actually do what they say, the prices are made up, the items don’t exist yet, and it’s all subject to change! But it’s all populated from the code, so the things are coming along.

I also spent some time this week making the Soccer target tutorials better, but there is still a weird issue with the floor targets not being accurate when the target moves. I’ll get back to that, but for now it was refreshing to add another missing piece to the game.

There is a bit of work I did on a very exciting secret SSDT project, which I can’t talk about just yet. If and when things get more on that front real I can share. With that, here’s our updated really accurate completion graph:

now 100% more accurate



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