Pre-Platform Beta!

The first Pre-Platform Beta for the new Super Slam Dunk Touchdown has been completed. The file system for PC was completely rebuilt to support cloud saves, handle and retry on errors, and there is a new testing screen I can use to test the Cloud saves on Xbox using the controller.


There were challenges on the way, including a bizarre disk failure. Seriously, what is this?

Lightning strike?

Reminder: File system is critical and backups are important.

File Tester!!

I showed the big ugly error prompt last time, and now it’s fully integrated into the file system so any failure to save data will offer the chance to retry the operation. Behind the scenes, the file system verifies the data is correct and saves a backup! If the main data fails to load, the backup will be tried first. Additionally, saving first copies the last known good save file. If saving fails, it restores the original. If lighting strikes while you’re saving, this offers some additional peace of mind! Again, hopefully very rare events but critical so people don’t lose their game save.

The best part is being able to test this on Xbox. Once the Pre-Platform beta is deemed solid enough, the Xbox cloud saving and loading can be adapted to the new file system and each function can be tested, errors can be simulated and if there’s a bug I can reproduce it!

This screen can be called up any time I want

This took the better part of December, not counting vacation time, just to get Global Settings saving and loading properly with all of the above functionality. The next pieces fell into place in a matter of days. The new system is easy to work with, understand and debug. This is all critical to the Xbox cloud saves working properly. The final challenge was getting all the Season Mode save data slots working correctly, as it was a bit more involved due to supporting 3 save slots, and it ties into the menu UI.

It’s much better now.


All that’s left:

Hey it is better than an horrible ugly graph

Certification may take a while so I’m very eager to get there.

Stay safe!

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