Extra Seasoning Dev Update 11/2021

Steam update still in development, entering private beta.

Keyboard and mouse controls are such a proble-tunity!

The Extra Seasoning update is almost ready. The major components are Season Mode and associated unlocks, PC controls, Steam Features and PC Features.

Season Mode

Season Mode comes with a lot to test. It’s a giant looping campaign with secrets and content galore. This has all been thoroughly vetted for the Xbox release, but will need thorough retesting for the PC update.

PC Controls

This is a bear! The game supports almost any analog game controller you can find at a thrift shop as well as the latest Xinput controllers, Steam controller settings, Streaming and more! This requires a bigger screen to show people their controls, and you can wiggle your stick to see who you are before the match.

Note through steam pretty much everything says A, B, RB because of how it does things.

It also involves a lot of keyboard and mouse support! This is a terrible way to play the game but support “has to” be there or else some PC players get cranky and we don’t want that!

Are you happy keyboard/mouse players!? Of course you aren’t, you don’t have a proper game controller.

Steam Features

Achievements, cloud saves, streaming & remote play will all be supported! Cloud saves appear to be working, and all achievements are undergoing testing now.

Since getting them all is so much fun, you can even reset them and try again! Will anyone use this? I have no idea but I need it for testing.

Streaming and remote play all appear to work as long as Steam has its druthers with the input configuration. If your internet upload speed is good, you can invite your friends to play online with Steam Remote Play!

PC Features

The Extra Seasoning update also features a Windowed Mode. Run the game in a window instead of full screen if that helps you stream the game or whatever! Several resolutions are supported (currently through a registry setting). Also all UI is able to be clicked with the mouse. Controls can be configured per controller name and support an alternate button for each action.

Private Beta!

Soon you can join the private beta. Please let us know on the Steam Forums if interested. During the private beta, all 100 achievements will be visible for the released version of the game, but will not be attainable until the Extra Seasoning update goes live (or you join the private beta).

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