Pre-Alpha Demo

Note! The pre-alpha Windows demo has been updated! Please see this page for the new features.

If you’re curious about Sportsball the game formerly known as Sportsball SUPER SLAM DUNK TOUCHDOWN, I have a very rough pre-alpha demo (for Windows) showing off the basic game play HERE. I want to get this out there so people can check it out in advance of my next playtest party taking place quite near New York City! Important notes about the pre-alpha demo:

  1. It is PRE-ALPHA. In programmer speak, that means: really, really, really not done yet. A lot is missing, and there are bugs both known and unknown (probably). Use it at your own risk!
  2. Analog controllers are highly recommended! Use a game pad with at least 8 buttons, such as an Xbox 360 controller. Other controllers should work but you’ll have to figure the buttons out as there’s no controller configuration screen yet. Button 1 = Shoot Ball (tap for quick shot, hold for charge shot) / Fight, Button 2 = Pass Ball (hold to aim) / Fight, Button 3 = Turbo, Button 4 = Switch players, Button 8 = Pause / Start
  3. You can play with the keyboard but it won’t be very easy to do things like aim. The keys are WASD + F, G, H (p1) and Arrows + <, >, ? (p2), Space for menus and Escape to pause/start. But seriously, use a game pad.
  4. You can change the game time and number of players on the Options menu.
  5. There are no goalies yet! There will be, but in the mean time, enjoy the goal points free-for-all!
  6. There is no A.I. yet! Any unassigned players will just go in a circle. Call it A.S. (Artificial Stupidity). So like, bring a few friends 🙂
  7. There are two random events at the moment, banana peels (common) and a streaker (less common) who tries to run off with the ball. There will be more coming in later releases!
  8. The goals are pretty rough right now, so you will have better luck aiming for the soccer style net portion of the goals. You can get a field goal and even a basket if you try hard enough, but the net goals are easier. Also you have to shoot the ball through the front of the goal to score. The goalie wouldn’t let you in the goal anyway (if he existed yet).

More facts! This first demo features 3 playable characters: Hockey guy, Football guy and Soccer guy. Sometimes they might be girls; it’s hard to tell because of the pixels. They each have different shot styles, attacks, and attributes that make them unique and beautiful snowflakes… of raw sports power!

  1. Football guy:  He’s a big, ball-tossing, player-tackling power house! He may be slow but he has a quick turbo recharge and a mean attack. He’s one tough football-shaped cookie!
  2. Hockey guy: He’s on skates! He is a bit of a brawler with his punch attack and padding. He’s a middle-weight sportsballer. Watch out for his charge shot, it can knock  you down!
  3. Soccer guy: Light and quick on his feet, he can outrun the rest. Plus, he can steal the ball with his slide attack. However he has no padding, so don’t get knocked out!

Grab some controllers and some friends and give it a shot. Please post any feedback you have here!


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